Talk with Details & Full of Hearts

“The brand that inherits classics” take you on a trip through our brand story.

2009 is a memorable year for PurpleMay Jewellery. Originated in Melbourne, Australia, PurpleMay is famous for its perfection in craftsmanship amongst the costume jewellery industry. As a high-end jewellery design brand, PurpleMay has attracted many historical families in Australia to remake classics. Over the years, many families have entrusted PurpleMay with their inheritances.

PurpleMay aims to create jewellery that shines with its own personality while fitting into the modern trend. Since 2009, PurpleMay has brought nothing but the best products with the most reasonable price. The five principles have supported PurpleMay through the years. These qualities of using only new gold; only Australian gold; only the best quality diamonds and gemstones; and with the best craftsmanship in the industry, can be demonstrated in every detail of PurpleMay’s products.

Jewellery to You & You to Me

High-End Costume Jewellery – The Unique Only for You

PurpleMay has entered the industry with its speciality in costume-making, with an appetite to jewellery lovers who purse quality and perfection. While creating the best experiences for PurpleMay’s clients, its vision of the five principles is applied to every single piece of jewellery despite its uniqueness.

Engagement rings are one of the specialities that PurpleMay is well-known for. From the manuscript design to material acquisition, to the handcrafting process; PurpleMay makes sure that every engagement ring shows the understanding of love from its owners. Offer the best costume jewellery experience to our clients is what PurpleMay has always been, and always will be focused on.

Vintage v.s. Modern

Simple Lux Collection – Why do women need jewellery?

The latest collection of PurpleMay is inspired by the universe and the European culture. This Simple Lux Collection is soon popularised amongst the younger generation. PurpleMay’s philosophy behind its designs is not motivated by to look rich and wealthy, however, the idea behind each and every design is to represent a story, a culture and a lifestyle. Therefore, with the uniqueness of each design, the brand itself soon became popularised within the public.

Every woman needs a piece of jewellery that shines through her life. The craftsmanship of perfection has always been the vision in PurpleMay. With the rising of the mixture between vintage and modern, this latest collection demonstrated the beauty of both simple luxurious and strong personality. For PurpleMay, the purse of excellence means the collaboration of both best quality products and top-ranking services.