PurpleMay Jewellery - Marvellous N-in-One Jewellery

The jewellery is a woman’s armor.

It can accent our outfit, help us express who we are and bring out the confident and courage when we need them.

However, they always said: It you can’t stop thinking about it, buy it. This saying makes buying jewellery sometimes seems irrational. But it doesn’t mean you can’t make a smart buy.



Double sided Necklace

Two is better than one.

Sometimes we would worry about if we wear the necklace right when we are in hurry. It feels really awkward when we wear the necklace backward.

With this 18K solid gold double sided romantic rose necklace, you would never had this problem. Also you would even feel like you own two styles with one necklace.



Detachable Earrings

Always wear earrings in the same way?


This 18K solid gold amethyst asymmetric design earrings have two different studs and one detachable dangle chain. Wear them creatively, you would have different looks for the whole week. Also this dropping chain can be paired with other studs of your own.



2 in 1 Jewellery

Why buy two pieces when all you need is one?

All we talked above, necklaces is just necklaces, earrings are still earrings. What’s next is the true multi-purpose jewellery.

This PurpleMay 2 in 1 customize design allows you wear it as both ring and pendant. The ring face is removable and can be worn as a pendant. You even need only one ring band, for it can fit all our pendant/ring face design.



After seeing these sneaky, yet stylish items, you’ll never want to buy a regular ordinary jewellery ever again.