Topaz - The Birthstone of November

Topaz is the birthstone of November and the 23rd wedding anniversary stone. It symbolizes sincerity, friendship and dedication, expressing a friendly heart and yearning for happiness. Because of the beautiful appearance, the good meaning, and of course the friendly price, Topaz has become very popular.


Topaz - the Birthstone of November

Topaz | God's Colour Palette

Though much of the history, all yellow gemstones were considered topaz and all topaz was thought to be yellow. But actually, Topaz is available in many colors. Right now, the most common topaz is blue in different shades. Others like orange, pink, brown, beige and green are not very hard to find. Red and gold topaz is rare, but the most precious and rare topaz is Imperial Topaz. The color of the topaz is as if it has knocked over God's paint tray.

In addition, the gemstone is naturally clear and transparent, and the transparency and purity of the high-quality topaz can even be comparable to diamonds. In recent years, topaz have been widely used by major jewelry brands.


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Topaz | Giant in the gem

The topaz gemstone can grow to very large size. According to incomplete statistics, the largest topaz is a pillow-cut yellow topaz called American Golden Topaz, which weighs 4.5785 kg. It took the staff two years to complete the cutting. As I know, the weight of the gemstones used by other gem families is all carats, while this giant uses kilograms as the unit. It makes me wondering how big the original stone is before cutting?


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Topaz | Charming Legend

There are many legends about the Topaz.

The ancient Egyptians used the golden topaz to symbolize the god of the sun. They believed that wearing the topaz could receive the blessing of the sun.

Indians believe that the topaz worn on the heart can bless them for longevity, beauty and wisdom. It says that in an ancient Indian war, an officer put the topaz into the mouth of a dying soldier and bought valuable treatment time. Luckily, soldier’s life was saved. .

The ancient Greeks believed that Topaz could bring them strength. During the Renaissance, Europeans believed that Topaz could break the magic curse.


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Topaz | Distinguished Emperor Jade

The most precious and rare Topaz has a very noble name, Imperial topaz, which originated in Russia in the 19th century. At that time, the main producing area of the topaz was the Ural Mountains, where the pink topaz was mined and named to commemorate the noble Russian royal family. The ownership of the gemstone belongs only to the royal family.


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Topaz | all over the world

Topaz has a wide range of origins now, almost all over the seven continents. The largest producing areas are Brazil in South America, Australia in Oceania, Myanmar in Asia, Japan, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, Mexico in North America, USA, and Namibia in Africa , Scotland in Europe, etc. If we looking very carefully in the Antarctica, we probably could fine topaz there too.

Topaz makes very wearable and durable jewellery. I have this feeling if you try it, you’ll love it.


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