Within a luxurious garden, a secret awaits discovery. At its heart, a gem gleams gracefully amid sparkling dewdrops. Born of nature and coaxed from the lush garden by humans, the beautiful Verdant green emerald holds every secret for you. Tassels of green fall from the ears, ready to catch the morning light or cast an elegant shadow over the shapely neck. With artistry grafted by nature and skill, the pendant draws the eye down the neckline to rest on the emerald’s unique beauty, diamonds lending their light. Carry the secret on your hand, where the Verdant green rests, waiting to dazzle at your wish. Encircling your wrist, the diamonds and emeralds play with the light like a shimmering curtain ready to be drawn aside and reveal the natural magnificence beyond. Experience the secret of the enchanting garden, and keep it close to your heart.


Over millions of years, the landscape unfolds, from proud mountains to tranquil lakes. Deep within the earth, treasures are crafted by the miracle of nature. And finally, with the sweetness of a blossom sprouting from the soil, Paraiba emerges from nature’s caress to enchant us. Paraiba shimmers neon blue with a cool brilliance, like a ripple of moonlight over water in Neruda’s poem. Artists have shaped Paraiba’s raw beauty into romantic pieces that have captivated us for generations, including radiating elegance at the hands of Princess Diana. Now, PurpleMay unveils the tranquil shine of Paraiba in the finest set of jewelry. The gem of wisdom and calm, Paraiba shines sweetly from the ears, hands, and over the heart. This is the romantic birthstone of October, and the channel for wisdom and calm. Let the exquisite presence of Paraiba romance you in neon blue tranquility.


The ruby is considered the most precious of all gemstones in the Bible. Its fiery red color has always been associated with passion and love, earning it the nickname "the stone of love". It symbolizes the beauty, timelessness, and constancy of love.In ancient times, the ruby was believed to embody the spirit of the Phoenix, with its strong vitality and vibrant color. It was said that wearing a ruby could bring good health, a fulfilling love life, and harmonious family relationships. The international gemstone community recognizes ruby as the birthstone of July, symbolizing nobility, love, and kindness. In Europe, it remains a common sight at royal weddings, serving as a testament to the bond of matrimony.


There is no gem as enchanting as the pearl, each of which will share its own secret story with you alone. Pearls whisper of embossed invitations and exclusive fragrance. They gleam softly on the ears, hands, and over the heart, in anticipation of the evening. Their splendor is as delicate as the chiming of glasses, in harmony with soft piano ambience. Complementing diamonds will catch the light from regal ballroom halls. The pearls glint sweetly through dazzling lights, decadent feasts, and hours of dancing beyond. Timeless, the pearl shines on through the ages. Timeless, like the moon suspended for your night to last forever.

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Colombia Emerald , Muzo color , Vitreous Total 6.9ct , Diamond 3.11ct

Like a lush garden glimpsed through an ornate, sparkling curtain, the Verdant green emeralds shine amidst delicately placed diamonds. An exclusive garden, eternal and lush, waits for you. Savor the true meaning of elegance in a timeless design. Though gemstones remain gracefully silent, their secret is shared with you. 

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Our High Jewellery are unique, durable, complex and attractive sculpted from the highest quality and timeless material, ensuring every piece is designed and crafted with longevity in mind. 

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