Introducing Our Espoir Collection

Our New Mother Of Conch Pearl Collection 

In the jewellery world, every piece tells a special story and at PurpleMay we pride ourselves on creating mesmerising pieces that are uniquely you. Our brand new Espoir collection is the perfect thing if you’re looking for a piece of jewellery that is utterly show-stopping! The delicate collection is inspired by the plum blossom, and the soft pink mother of conch pearls are the perfect thing to emulate the beauty of the plum blossom. 

Crafted by our skilled PurpleMay Jewellery artisans every piece in this collection is a piece that will take you through all of life’s important moments. 

Why Mother Of Conch Pearl? 

We especially chose the conch pearl due to its unique properties and beautiful pinky colour. This collection showcases the conch pearl giving you a bold piece of jewellery that you can treasure forever. 

We chose conch pearls because they emulate the essence of the plum blossom, with gorgeous light pink hues that make every single piece of jewellery completely unique. 

Expert Craftsmanship 

At PurpleMay we pride ourselves on our commitment to producing high quality jewellery pieces thanks to our expert craftsmanship. Each piece in our Espoir collection showcases our skilled artisans dedication to create unique and beautiful jewellery that will also stand the test of time! 

If you’re looking for a piece of wearable art, PurpleMay and our Espoir collection is the perfect thing for you. 

Our Inspiration

Our Espoir collection is inspired by the beautiful plum blossom which is often regarded as a symbol of resilience and perseverance. We have focused our Espoir collection on the beauty of the plum blossom and we have perfectly captured the spirit of the plum blossom in these pieces. 

Uniquely You

At PurpleMay we understand that customisation and personalisation is a super important factor in finding the jewellery piece that best suits you. Our Espoir collection ensures that you will find a gorgeous piece of conch pearl jewellery that is uniquely you. 

Whether you’re on the hunt for a pair of earrings, a ring, a bracelet or a necklace, we have something to suit you with our Espoir collection. Our conch pearl collection is full of delicate pieces that demand attention! 

Why Choose PurpleMay? 

In the high jewellery space, PurpleMay stands out as one of the best! Our Espoir conch pearl collection is really a work of art. With delicate pink hues and expert craftsmanship from our expert artisans. 

Celebrate the beauty of the plum blossom with our Espoir conch pearl collection. Shop our entire range today and unlock the PurpleMay difference! 

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