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18k Solid Gold Australian  Opal Clover Necklace - Melbourne, Australia18k Solid Gold Australian  Opal Clover Necklace - Melbourne, Australia


Rose Gold Opal Ring in 18K Solid Gold - Wedding and Engagement Rings - Melbourne, AustraliaRose Gold Opal Ring Melbourne | Wedding Rings Australia

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18k Solid Gold Colourful Sapphire Dainty Ring - Melbourne, AustraliaMelting | Rings Melbourne Australia


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Personalised Gold Jewellery from Australia’s Finest Artisans

Make your wardrobe an expression of who you are. PurpleMay Jewellery offers a different approach to jewellery. As bold, genuine, and full of personality as you are, the PurpleMay birthstone jewellery collection is the perfect choice for any woman looking to make an impact. Created using only the finest gold and the highest quality gems, our pieces are wearable works of art, sure to elevate any wardrobe, every day. Shop the range today and discover why people from Sydney to Perth choose PurpleMay Jewellery for their loved ones.

At PurpleMay, we help every woman find pieces that harmonise with her look, her style and her personality. We offer an extensive range of pieces perfect for stepping out for a special occasion or just as an everyday wear for the office, adding colour, vibrancy and elegance to your life.

Since 2009, PurpleMay Jewellery has been helping people create precisely the piece they want. Our custom jewellery service gives you the power to craft something truly unique, endlessly special and utterly unforgettable. Working alongside our jewellers, you’ll have your choice of design, stone and metal, realised in beautiful quality by our skilled artisans. Whether custom engagement rings to help you start a new chapter of your life or a beautiful gold necklace or pair of earrings for a milestone birthday, there’s nothing our jewellers can’t create. View our collection at our Melbourne boutique, or book a custom jewellery consultation with our team via our contact page and we’ll be happy to help you take the first step towards a stunning new piece.

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