Ruby - The Birthstone Of July


Red tells the strongest emotions - love, passion, anger and desire.

Ruby, King of precious stones, the incarnation of the Phoenix, holds the most vivid vitality in one of the world’s five most precious stones. It is the birthstone of July, representing life, power, wealth and love, giving people endless power and courage. In the sunlight, the colour of ruby looks like burning blood and fire. For centuries, it is known as the most precious one of the 12 stones created by God.


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Ruby in Ancient Time

“Ruby” is one of the most precious coloured gemstones in history. It has been mentioned four times in the Bible. Ancient Indians believe that the person who worships the ruby to the god Krishna will be reincarnated as an emperor.

In the Bible, Job said: "The value of wisdom is more than ruby." It can be seen that ruby was very expensive at the time. In the legend, the ruby symbolizes Jewish tribes. The fourth jewel on the holy garment worn by Aaron, the brother of Moses, is ruby. The name of the Jewish ancestors was engraved on this stone. Since the ancient Jews announced the establishment of the State of Israel, this precious gem has always been the most precious treasure in the crown.

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Ruby Makes You Invulnerable

The Burmese cherish the ruby because they believe that if they cut a small wound on body and put in one piece of ruby, the warrior who volunteers to perform such surgery will be invulnerable.

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the story of ruby and vulture

There is an ancient legend of "flashing red gems" in the "bottomless valley". The locals throw a piece of raw meat into the valley, hoping that the gem would stick on the meat. Then when the vulture carries the flesh from the bottom of the valley, the locals would kill the vulture and obtain the precious gems. A similar story is also mentioned in the adventures of Sinbad in the famous book "A Thousand and One Nights".

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Origin of ruby

Mogok, Myanmar - the most famous ruby origin. The ruby here is brightly coloured and has a strong fluorescent effect.

Around the beginning of the 15th century, local residents found rubies here. By the middle of the 15th century, Myanmar began mining rubies. The northern part of the region of Mogo is the home to the world's most famous "pigeon red" ruby. Nowadays, the production here has been exhausted, but the rubies produced in the area still have the best quality in the world.

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Mozambique has the most productive mine of Ruby. A large reserve of ruby mines was found here in 2009 and quickly became the world's leading producer of rubies. However, Mozambique's rubies are darker than the ruby find in other places in the world and rarely have the beautiful fluorescence.


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Sri Lanka is the home of the star ruby. The southeast of this island produces a large number of rubies. It is a world-famous ruby producing area and is known as the “Gem City”. Especially known for its high-quality star ruby, the Sri Lankan ruby has a pink colour and a hint of lavender. The 135.7-carat "Roselyph" star ruby, now in the National Museum of the United States, comes from here.

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Today, everyone is still deeply fascinated by the colour of rubies. As a symbol of passion, ruby is an ideal romantic gift for everyone.


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