Sapphire: The Beauty of Nature Encapsulated

The term "sapphire" finds its origin in the Hebrew word "apphir," meaning "most beautiful," and draws from the Greek "sappheiros," signifying "blue gemstone."
Sapphire is the birthstone for September, captivating jewelry enthusiasts with its practicality and romantic allure.
At Purplemay Jewellery, we offer a rich selection of sapphire jewelry.

1.The Colorful Beauty of Sapphires

While sapphires are commonly perceived as blue gemstones, they come in various hues and qualities. In general, the more vivid and uniform the color of a gemstone, the higher its value. Beyond blue, sapphires encompass a spectrum of colors, including pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, and violet. No matter your color preference, the world of sapphires has something to offer.

2.The Diversity of Blue Sapphires

The value of blue sapphires is primarily influenced by their color. One of the most sought-after variations is a velvety blue to purple-blue shade falling in the medium to medium-dark tone range. Sapphires with these characteristics command the highest prices per carat. However, lesser-quality blue sapphires may exhibit grayish or overly light or dark tones.

Royal Blue and Cornflower Blue:

Royal blue and cornflower blue are two of the most recognized colors in the blue sapphire market. While these terms are essentially commercial names, there is still no globally unified standard. Nevertheless, they are acknowledged for their collectible value by prominent authorities in the world of colored gemstones, such as GRS and Guild.

Purplemay Royal Blue Sapphire Ring: Main Stone Weight - 5.05 Carats


PurpleMay Cornflower Blue Sapphire Ring: Main Stone Weight - 9.13 Carats


Padparadscha Sapphires:

Padparadscha sapphires exhibit a rare and highly collectible blend of pink and orange hues. Often described as "salmon pink" or "sunset-colored," the term itself originates from Sanskrit, referring to the beautiful color of lotus flowers. Their unique color makes them a standout in the market.
PurpleMay Padparadscha Evening Necklace: Padparadscha Weight - 40 Carats, Diamond Weight - 42 Carats 
Pink and Purple Sapphires:
Pink sapphires can range from light pink to pale purple, while purple sapphires primarily feature shades of purple, including medium reddish-purple, deep reddish-purple, and violet. These sapphire varieties offer a diverse range of captivating colors, each with its unique charm.
PurpleMay Pink Sapphire Ring: Main Stone Weight - 2.57 Carats
PurpleMay Purple Sapphire Necklace: Main Stone Weight - 6.36 Carats
3. Inclusions and Clarity
Sapphires typically contain some inclusions, but their clarity is generally higher than that of rubies. Sapphires may contain various types of inclusions, including slender mineral inclusions known as needles, as well as partially healed fractures, fingerprint-like features, color zoning, and color bands.
Inclusions typically lower a gemstone's value, especially when they affect the gem's durability. However, in some cases, inclusions can enhance the value of certain sapphires. For instance, tiny inclusions in Kashmir sapphires create a velvety appearance, producing a mesmerizing visual effect without compromising transparency.
Image source: GIA Official Website (Link)
4. .The Uniqueness of Star Sapphires
Star sapphires and star rubies belong to the category of phenomena known as asterism, characterized by the star-like effect they exhibit. This phenomenon results from tiny, needle-like inclusions reflecting light in specific directions, forming star-shaped patterns. Star sapphires typically display six rays, with twelve-ray stars being exceptionally rare.
The exceptional quality of star sapphires lies in the clarity of their star pattern, centered at the top of the gemstone, with equal quality when viewed from various angles. An ideal star sapphire should possess uniform and intense star lines, extending to the center of the gem's top, creating a visually captivating image. These lines should be neat, sharp, and free from blurriness, curling, or breaks,with the reflected starlight forming a strong contrast with the gem's background. When the gem is moved, the starlight should flow elegantly, producing a mesmerizing effect.
Star Sapphire Image Source: GIA Official Website (Link)
5. Weight and Diverse Selection of Sapphires
At Purplemay Jewellery, we offer a wide range of sapphires, from a few points to several carats, encompassing categories such as royal blue sapphires, cornflower blue sapphires, padparadscha sapphires, violet sapphires, pink sapphires, star sapphires, and color-changing sapphires. Our sapphires hail from regions like Kashmir, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka, offering a rich variety. Regardless of your taste, you can find a satisfying choice among our jewelry.
Sapphires are enchanting gemstones, renowned for their diverse colors and unique characteristics. Whether you seek exquisite jewelry or aspire to collect a beautiful sapphire, Purplemay Jewellery has something to offer. Our sapphire jewelry showcases the unique allure of nature, adding luxury and romance to your life.
Whether you choose a deep blue sapphire, a padparadscha sapphire, a star sapphire, or any other colored variety, each sapphire carries the beauty of nature and the craftsmanship of Purplemay Jewellery. They are worthy of collection and admiration, adding precious value to your jewelry collection. Choose Purplemay Jewellery, and let our sapphires bring more brilliance to your life.


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