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Sapphire Earring

Sapphire is one of the three most precious gems. It is the birthstone of September, Symbolizing love, wisdom, nobleness, truth, sincerity and loyalty. As if it is a gentle and noble knight, guarding you with his full heart.



When talking about a gorgeous sapphire, the colour blue would immediately come to our mind.

But actually, in the corundum family, all gems except red are called sapphire. They come in every colour of the rainbow, even grey and black. The gorgeous colours and excellent durability of this gem have captured the collective adoration of people for centuries.


Sapphire Earring

PurpleMay Jewellery - ASTROLOGER - Sapphire Earring


The top blue sapphire colours have two beautiful names, called "Cornflower Blue" and "Royal Blue".

The cornflower blue is soft and vivid, with a subtle purple colour in the blue, much like the colour of the cornflower; while the royal blue is a deep rich blue.

Kashmir, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Madagascar are all familiar with the sapphire origin. Traditionally, sapphires from Kashmir are the most precious ones. Currently, the best gemstone producing area in the world is Sri Lanka.



Sapphire Bracelet

PurpleMay Jewellery - DIA - Sapphire Bracelet


There is another precious goddess-grade orange-pink sapphire - "Padparadscha". Padparadscha was originally found in Sri Lanka, meaning “Lotus” in Sinhalese. In Buddhism, it is also called “the jewel in the heart of red lotus”. This unique orange-pink colour, like the red lotus at sunset, is both sacred and passionate.

Its production is sparse and the standard is strict. Only the orange-pink sapphire which the colour ratio of pink and orange is strictly between 30% and 70% with no trace of variegation, is qualified to be called “Padparadscha”.


Sapphire Ring

PurpleMay Jewellery - PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE - Sapphire Ring


The "Starlight Effect" is a unique color filter that our mother nature gives to gems. When the gorgeous sapphire adds a starlight, it becomes more mysterious and beautiful. It is also believed that the three star-shaped rays interlaced on the star sapphire represent trust, hope and destiny.



Sapphire Ring

PurpleMay Jewellery - GLOAMING - Sapphire Ring


Sapphire symbolizes nobleness, truth, sincerity and loyalty, therefore it has always been closely linked to religion, myths and legends.

In ancient Greek, sapphire was the holy stone of the Apollo and was also known as the "stone of heaven". In the ancient Greek and Roman, the kings and queens were convinced that sapphire can protect them from being shackled and helped them to be loved by the gods.

In the Middle Ages, sapphires were often used to decorate royal and clergy dresses. People also engraved Christ's Ten Commandments on sapphire as a priest's crown jewel.



Sapphire Pendant

PurpleMay Jewellery - CELESTIAL SHIELD - Sapphire Pendant


The Duke of Windsor, in order to marry Mrs Simpson, the American civilian woman who had divorced twice, gave up the British throne. He asked Cartier to design four pieces of jewellery for his wife, including the famous "panther clip", which had a 152.35-carat Kashmir round cut sapphire.

The sapphire engagement ring that Prince Charles gave to Princess Diana was now given to Princess Kate. The love story of two generations adds a romance and warmth to the sapphire.


Sapphire Gems


To tell the quality of a sapphire, color is the most important criterion. The brighter, more uniform, and more transparent the colour is, the better the quality of the gem would be.

Clarity is relatively less important for a sapphire. Because some impurities, such as "rutile inclusions", will cause the surface of the sapphire to form a unique "starlight effect", which will increase the value of a sapphire.

In addition, the heat treatment will also affect the quality of the gemstone. It will make the colour of the gemstone more intense and bright. However, burnt gems have a common drawback, which is brittle, and gems are more likely to break. Therefore, PurpleMay insists on using natural gemstones.

At PurpleMay, we believe in providing the most natural sapphire with the most exquisite designs to you.

New design, especially for those who were born in September, is coming soon.


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