Tanzanite - The Birthstone of December

Tanzanite Jewellery

Tanzanite, a rising star in the international jewelry market, is a newcomer to the world. It has a rich and vivid color range from blue to violet. It is the birthstone of December and the gemstone of the 24th wedding anniversary.

It is the most exciting discoveries of the gemstone in 20th century. To honor of the country of origin, this beautiful gem was named Tanzanite.


Tanzanite Ring

Tanzanite | The Newcomer

Tanzanite was the most exciting discoveries of the gemstone in 20th century. In 1967, this fascinating blue-purple gem was discovered in Tanzania. Once it was born, it quickly attracted the attention of Tiffany & Co. In 1968, Tiffany launched a major advertising campaign to promote it. With its charming colors, high clarity and potential for larger cut stones, tanzanite quickly became a sensation.


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Tanzanite | Substitute for Sapphire

The common tanzanite is blue or blue-violet, and the rare deep night sky blue can even be used as a substitute for sapphire. In the movie "Titanic", the "Heart of the Ocean" was made by tanzanite.

But it doesn’t mean that we couldn’t tell the differences between sapphire and tanzanite. There is a simple way of identifying them with our eyes. Tanzanite has an interesting feature called polychromaticity, as we change the viewing angle, the color will alse change showing different colors such as pink purple, yellow blue, and deep purple in one gem.


Tanzanite Necklace

Tanzanite | Rare Is Value

The Merelani Hills of northern Tanzania is the only place on earth where tanzanite is mined comercially. Tanzanite was also found in many places of the world, but most of them can not reach gem level, so the scarcity of tanzanite is congenital. However, the reserves of the mind are limited, and after decades of heavy mining, the resources of tanzanite are gradually decreasing. Rare is value, therefor there is huge space for the subsequent appreciation of tanzanite.


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Tanzanite | The Giant Gem

It is very hard to find large size of the five cardinal gems. But tanzanite is different. Although its ore source is scarce, but it is more eazier to find a large size of the gem. it can easily meet the desire of large carats. Currently, the largest tanzanite is mined by TanzaniteOne and weighs 16,839 carats (about 3.4 kg).


Tanzanite Ring

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