Beyond Diamonds

Exploring Unique and Alternative Engagement Ring Stones

If you’ve ever been exposed to the world of engagement rings, you’ll probably know that diamonds have long been regarded as a traditional choice to symbolise the weight of this commitment. However, as couples seek to find unique, personalised and different ways to incorporate some personality into their engagement ring, many people have stepped away from the traditional diamond ring

Whilst it may have once been true that diamonds are a girls best friend, in the wide world of gemstone jewellery, there are so many other options you could consider to personalise your engagement ring. 

These are our favourite unique and alternative engagement ring stones at PurpleMay Jewellery.


Starting strong with a classic – sapphires. These stones make a great choice for an engagement ring for a number of reasons, most notably because they come in a huge variety of colours and shades! There’s the classic deep blue sapphire, but you can also get sapphires in yellow, pink and green making it the perfect stone if you’re looking for something special in a particular colour. 

Sapphires are also a great choice for an engagement ring thanks to their durability, not only are they super customisable – they’re also super sturdy so they can really last the test of time! 


Another classic is the emerald. Perfect for if you’re shopping for an engagement ring for someone who loves the green of the outdoors, emeralds have been cherished for centuries thanks to their lush green colour! 

They’re not only a striking option for an engagement ring, they also carry a vintage feel and charm that sets them apart from more traditional engagement ring stone options! 


Moissanite has been gaining popularity in the last few years and it’s for a good reason! This stone really rivals the traditional diamond – but for a fraction of the price! Lab grown moissanite has a dazzling sparkle and white hue that very closely resembles the traditional diamond. 

If you're looking for an ethical option that also makes a bold statement – a Moissanite engagement ring could be just the thing for you! 


Morganite is a great option if you’re looking for something soft and delicate. Its peachy pink colour and sparkle make it the perfect option for someone looking for a stone that adds a touch of romance and femininity! 

Morganite engagement rings have gained popularity in previous years thanks to their unique colour and options for a range of pinky hues. They’re a distinctive choice that will definitely rival the traditional diamond. 

Black Onyx

If you’re someone who loves all things dark and mysterious, black onyx might be the stone of your engagement ring dreams! The deep black colour of onyx is the perfect thing if you’re shopping for someone who loves a statement piece! 

Not only do they look great, but they’re a bold choice that is sure to be perfect for anyone wanting to stand out from the crowd. 


Opals are a great choice for an engagement ring – and their unique colour palette makes them even more special since no two opals are the same! They make a great choice for anyone looking for a unique engagement ring stone and come in a range of colours from white to blue to green and just about everything in between! 

Opals are much softer than diamonds though so you may want to consider a harder stone if that is something that is guiding your engagement ring shopping! 

Unique Engagement Ring Stones For Every Couple

At PurpleMay we have a range of engagement rings that are a perfect fir for every unique couple, whether you’re after something bright like a sapphire or something dark and mysterious like an onyx, we can help you find the engagement ring of your dreams! 

Our jewellery is also completely customisable so you can really make your engagement ring special and unique!