Emerald - The Birthstone of May

        The birthstone of the May is emerald

Emerald stands for faithfulness, kindness, eternity, luck and happiness. Green has always been considered the symbol of peace and harmony. In Egypt, green was considered by the ancient Egyptian to be one of the most honorable colours. It is a story that was incepted since ancient times, like the passion for red for the Chinese. It was believed that Cleopatra was wearing emeralds almost every day, even after her death, beautiful emeralds were found inlaid on the stone door. Emerald is the most beautiful green gem, it gathers and presents to you all the liveliness of green. 

The necklace that Richard Burton bought for Taylor while filming "Cleopatra" in Rome

The necklace that Richard Burton bought for Taylor while filming "Cleopatra" in Rome


 How to pick your Emerald


The best colour for emerald is one that glows pure rich green. It should not contain any yellowish or any other colour shade. The colour is the most important factor that affects the value of the gem.

 PurpleMay Jewellery – Emerald ring

 PurpleMay Jewellery  Emerald ring




The main component of Emerald is beryllium aluminosilicate, the beautiful green colour comes from the chromium, the more chromium, the greener the color. Emeralds have different types of inclusions, however, the imperfection of the gem are the unique identity for each emerald. It is rare to have a flawless emerald.

Emeralds are quite fragile, most of them may have cracks, bubbles, small crystals and other impurities. The higher degree of clarity, the cleaner it is, the more value it has.

 PurpleMay Jewellery  Emerald ring




The larger the gem, the greater the value. Little is known about the fact that emeralds of the same weight may have different inclusions because they are from different origins/mines.
 PurpleMay Jewellery – Emerald Earrings
  PurpleMay Jewellery – Emerald Earrings


The octagonal cut maximizes the charm of emeralds and reduces the risk of creating cracks in the gem. Other frequently used cut shape of emeralds include cushion, round, emerald, and princess.

May Gemstone – Emerald

  PurpleMay Jewellery – Emerald Ring

Emeralds Treatment

Very often emeralds are treated with hot cedar oil. During the oil treatment, the cedar oil will soak into the cracks and solidifies when it is cooled down. The treatment tends to improve the gem’s clarity and colour. It is extremely rare to find untreated emeralds in the market, and they may worth significant more than the treated ones.

PurpleMay Jewellery Emeralds Collection

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