Moonstone - The birthstone of June

For centuries, moonstone, the birthstone of June, has been one of our favourite gemstones, especially for girls.

People believe that it can arouse the gentle enthusiasm of their sweetheart, and bring a romantic love just like the moonlight.

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Moonstone has a unique moonlight effect. In the centre of the gemstone, it appears as a moonlight blue or bright white halo. It has a direct connection with the moon. When you wear it at the full moon, it can enhance the effect and function of people's perception and supernatural power. Moonstone is also known as the jewel of the true man, and the effect is better than that of the pink crystal.

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Many people think that there is only one kind of moonstone, the milky white crystal with slightly blue light. In fact, there are many colours of moonstone: white, beige, yellow, blue, green, grey, etc. Each colour has its own charm. The blue-light moonstone is indeed the best one, especially the one with more transparency and fewer impurities, which can be regarded as a semi-precious moonlight. However, it is very rare, and the price would be higher.

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The symbol of the goddess

In Rome, people thought the moonstone was formed by the moonlight, and they can see the shadow of Diana, the god of moonlight, from the moonstone. The Greeks also believe that it is also a symbol of Venus, the goddess of beauty and love.

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the Stone of Dreams

In the Middle Ages, people thought that watching the moonstone would make people fall asleep and predict the future from dreams. Even nowadays, in India, moonstone is still considered a symbol of sacredness, and because it is believed that the wearer can be given beautiful illusions at night, they are called the Stone of Dreams. 

Moonstone energy is soft and penetrating. Put it under the pillow, it can help you have a good sleep, prevent sleepwalking and get a full rest.

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The stone of lovers

In the late 19th and 20th centuries, especially in the period of Art Deco, moonstone was very popular and was often used by masters of goldsmiths in the creation of jewellery.

In addition, because people think that moonstone can arouse inner feelings and passions, Moonstone is also known as the “stone of lovers”.

Moonstone, as a gem of moonlight, can enlarge the soft features and femininity of women. Attracting love and creating a romantic atmosphere, the moonstone is the best token of sentiment. At the same time, moonstone has the characteristics of melting and diffusing. It can give people a leisurely manner and elegant demeanour.


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