Peridot - Birthstone of August

Peridot is also known as a beautiful name, the evening emerald. It is the birthstone of August, symbolizing the happiness of couples.
As the gem of the sun, its splendour has been admired since the ancient Egyptian time.


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The colour of the Peridot is pure and transparent. Except for the profound changes, the Peridot only has the bright and fresh colours of olive green. This kind of colour gives us a feeling of the middle-aged couples who have walked through the ups and downs of life and still holding each others’ hands. This sense of happiness in ordinary life may be just like the Peridot, quiet and constant.

When it comes to the story behind the Peridot, I have to mention a few key numbers.

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In the legend story, the olive Peridot with a little bit golden colour has the magical effect of "cooling the hot water instantly." This kind of trait can calm down the family members in the quarrel and reduce the contradiction between the family. Therefore, the Peridot not only symbolizes the happy couples and families but also serves as a commemorative gem for the 16th anniversary of the marriage.
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In 2005, scientists discovered the Peridot magically in the comet dust brought back to Earth by the Stardust Space Detector.
Imagine this Peridot, perhaps born in a volcanic eruption on a distant planet billions of years ago, buried quietly in the dark, and then the planet was destroyed. It became stardust drifting alone in the silent universe. In the infinite universe, it just drifts in the direction of the earth. In infinite time, it happens to meet the Earth.

It travelled through space and time, just to meet you.

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The records of Peridot in history can be traced back to ancient Egyptian times. About 3,500 years ago, the ancient Egyptians discovered Peridot on St. John's Island. The Egyptians call it "the jewel of the sun" and believe that it has the power of the sun. When the Peridot is set in gold, the person wearing it can eliminate the fear of the night. Therefore, they regarded the peridot as a national stone and use it to decorate crowns, court ornaments and temples. Even the famous emeralds in the Cleopatra collection are actually very likely to be Peridots.

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4.5 billion

Some Peridots have been formed for a long time. People have accidentally discovered the Peridot in the meteorites. The Peridot has been tested to contain residual substances in the formation of the solar system. Therefore, the formation of Peridot may be traced back to the time when the solar system was born.

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The birth of olivine requires high temperature and pressure and then is carried to the ground with the volcanic eruption.

In Hawaii, in the volcanic rocks around the crater, there are Peridots everywhere, like tears from the volcano. So the locals also call it the tears of the volcano goddess Billy.

Hawaii's Papakolea Beach is one of the most beautiful dream beaches in the world. It is covered with Peridots sand. Numerous Peridots make the whole beach a delightful olive green. This is a natural miracle.

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The dazzling gems are beautiful. The gems represent a beautiful meaning. The story behind the gems is even more touching.

But the most beautiful, in fact, is the focus when your carefully selected gems and design, the nervous when you hide the gift, and the love in your eyes when you holding it to the love of your life.


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