Black Diamond - The Loner of Diamonds

In obscurity, modest luxury black diamond, as a loner long deposited in the diamond. In recent years, black diamond has gradually attracted an attention of jewellery lovers, become one of the most popular decorations in the upper class, the trend of fashion.

wearing ring with a black stone

Black diamonds have a black porous structure and are usually black, dark brown, or dark gray colors. In the December 30, 2006, issue of the Astrophysical Journal Letters, Jozsef Garai and Stephen Haggerty of Florida International University, Sandeep Rekhi and Mark Chance of Case Western Reserve University show that from Australia to Siberia, from China to India, in fact, the process of forming ordinary diamonds is the same. But none of these diamonds are made of the same ingredients as black diamonds.

They found large amounts of hydrogen in the black diamond, suggesting it came from hydrogen-rich outer space. It's possible that black diamonds have existed in the universe before the Earth was born.

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At present, black diamond is the absolute hardness of gem in nature, with a hardness value of 10, ranking the top of the most tough gem. Among diamonds of various colors, black diamonds are particularly valuable because of their scarcity. Natural black diamonds are rare and only been found in the Central African Republic and Brazil.

The black diamond became one of the iconic stones in the retro fashion of sentimental Victorian jewelry. Due to the death of her spouse, Queen Victoria of England only wears black jewellery to show her eternal mourning for her lover. This also makes black diamonds appear on the jewellery stage and become the main role. Today, through the designer's unrestrained design ideas, as well as the match of other materials, black diamond has no sentimental mood, replaced by dignity and fashion.

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In the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, captain Jack Sparrow also wears a black diamond ring. It was a treasure he had long sought, a stone of peace and protection against evil.


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The black diamond is also a romantic diamond. In medieval Italy, the black diamond was called the stone of reconciliation. If you have a quarrel with your lover, as long as you gently stroke a black diamond back and forth in her face, all the troubles and misunderstandings will disappear in a moment.

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Black is the most versatile color, so you can't go wrong with black diamonds, whether it's in jewellery design or in everyday wear. Nowadays, black diamonds have gradually become the symbol of fashion, personality, dignity, composure, wisdom, and peace. Have you shown them in your jewellery box?

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