The queen of jewellery, the pearl, one of the birthstones of June, is natural jewellery that does not require processing.

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Pearl, from Latin“Pernulo”. Its other name, Margarite, is derived from ancient Persian Sanskrit and means "son of the sea." According to the research of geologists and archeologists, as early as 200 million years ago, there were pearls on the earth. Until the 17th century, pearls were the preserve of the royal family and were a fashion trendsetter. In modern times, pearls are also one of the most popular jewellery.

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Pearl stands for nobility, beauty, purity, wealth and wisdom. They are mainly produced in molluscs such as pearl shellfish and mother-of-pearl shellfish, which are rich in species, different shapes and colourful. At present, the market pearls are roughly divided into three categories, sea pearls, freshwater pearls and artificial pearls. As Purplemay's raw material of choice, sea pearls are more valuable.

Here are three kinds of precious popular sea pearls.

1. The South Sea Pearls:

 The South Sea Pearls, the "King of Pearls" in both preciousness and price, are produced in the South Pacific, such as the northwest coast of Australia. Because it is abundant in Australia, so named Australian South Sea Pearls, generally 10-15mm in diameter, large and plump, with rich colour and unusual dazzling luster.

Pearls - PurpleMay Jewellery

2. Akoya Pearls:

Akoya Pearls are representative of high-quality pearls. They are found in the Japanese Akoya(martensii) shells. They are small sea pearls with an average diameter of 5-8mm. Akoya pearls are rare because each martensii shell produces only one pearl. Compared with freshwater pearls, Akoya pearls are more refined and round, with stronger gloss and good quality.

Pearls - PurpleMay Jewellery

3.Tahitian Pearls:

Tahitian Pearls are the real queen of pearls. Beautiful black pearls with a magic luster are found in the salt lake of French Polynia in the South Pacific. They are generally 8-14mm in diameter. Because the breeding process is difficult and yields are small, the finished product is rare.

Pearls - PurpleMay Jewellery

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