Diamond - The Birthstone of April

Diamond jewellery is an ideal gift for those fortunate to be born in April. The diamond is one of the most beautiful and valuable gemstones we know of. It is the symbolism of chastity, purity, faith and eternal love. Also, it is the gemstone of the 75th anniversary of marriage.


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Diamond is forever

Natural diamonds were formed billions years age. Some diamonds may even be born right after the birth of the Earth. They were formed deep deep down under the ground with Over 1,000 degrees temperature and  constant pressure. Then they reach the surface through fierce volcanic eruptions and became the diamond we see today - the hardest gemstone that can only be cut with another diamond.

That’s why we say: a diamond is forever.


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History of Diamonds

Diamond - coming from the Greek term "adamas" translates to invincible - has been admired for centuries by many ancient civilizations. India began mining diamonds more than 3,000 years ago, and in ancient Rome, wearing diamond jewellery were very popular among aristocratic women.

The meaning of diamonds in ancient times is invincible, unconquerable and immortal, which is why ancient people believe that diamonds possess magical power that can protect them.

The ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were splinters of stars that fallen to earth. Some believed that they were crystallized lightning or hardened dew drops. There beautiful legend and imagination certainly add some mysterious to the glamorous diamonds.


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Diamond and eternal love

People used to saw diamonds as the favorite of the God of love. Its hardness means the long-lasting love, and the wide range of colors symbolize the richness and splendor of love.

Now, love and diamonds are inseparable, and almost every girl dream herself getting married with a shining diamond ring.


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Diamond Quality

The unique quality of each diamond determines its value. The 4C Diamond Quality Standard (color, clarity, cut and carat weight) has become a global approach to assessing the quality of diamonds.

When buying diamonds, it’s the best to choose one with diamond identification. Currently, the three internationally recognized authoritative institutions are GIA, IGI and HRD. The certificates issued by them account for the largest share of the market, and the certificates provided have the certification value.

PurpleMay Jewellery only sells GIA diamonds, because we are GIA VIP.


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Considering the tough nature and the glamorous of diamonds, they make great everyday jewellery and jewellery for special occasion.

So, if you are a diamond lover, feel free to pick one of your favourite diamond jewellery in PurpleMay.


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