Lucis Jewellery - Sending our love to you

Lucis Jewellery

We are proud to present to you, our new favourite series - Lucis Jewellery.

We took its meaning of shining and brightness

Dedicated to you who live in sparkling happiness.


A Hand and a Flower

Why Lucis?

-Sustainable & Ethical-

PurpleMay hope that the happiness in our world can be passed down for generations. Therefore, we come to the idea of creating a new series of fine jewellery focused on sustainable development.

We’ve created a new series of fine jewellery, sourced ethically -

We use lab diamonds and moissanite for their least environmental impact.

Let us cause less burden to our mother earth and enjoy the beauty of nature wholeheartedly with our future.


A Hand and a Bunch of Flowers


-Affordable & Unique-

There is a chapter in every love story that has been quietly taken.

That is, the diamonds being so beautiful that made the girls teary, also made boys' wallets cry.

Is there no way to have the best of both worlds?

PurpleMay has found the answer for everyone. Whether it is for yourself or for the loved one, it can make everyone happy and worry-free to have a shining decent materpiece for your special occasions.


A Hand and a Bunch of Flowers


We know that for Lucis:  

We are happy to take care of the hard work, finding the best materials, producing versatile designs at affordable prices.

You will just need to be you.

And show off your beauty to the world!

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